About Dr. Ringold

Dr. Ringold has been a Dearborn Family Doctor for over 30 years.

Dr. Ringold has extensive experience in treating both chronic and acute illnesses.  Dr. Ringold graduated from the prestigious University of Michigan Medical School in 1975.

The University of Michigan Medical School is consistently ranked as one of the premiere medical schools in the world.  After training exclusively in surgery for one year in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Ringold then worked for several years in a major emergency room taking care of both routine as well as life threatening illnesses.

Since 1979 he has been a leader in the field of Family Medicine.

Most recently he has served as the Chief of the Department of Family Medicine at Oakwood Hospital for two terms each of three years.  The Chief is elected by the 50 plus members of the entire department and is a significant honor.

He has also served on numerous hospital committees including the Medical Executive Committee and the Quality Committee.  Both of these committees make extremely sensitive and important medical staff decisions.  Currently Dr. Ringold serves as the Chair of Professionalism at Oakwood Hospital.

Due to changes over the years, he no longer delivers babies or sees children under the age of five.

In addition, Dr. Ringold was recently appointed to serve on the University of Michigan Medical School Admissions Committee, and he will be interviewing medical school applicants for the entering class of 2012. Very few physicians in all of Michigan are selected to serve in this capacity, and his appointment shows the trust that the University of Michigan places in his leadership and capabilities as a physician.